About Theramu

Theramu products were developed as a safe all-natural alternative to relieve pain and inflammation anywhere on the human body through a proprietary compound of Emu Oil and Pure Hemp Extract.

Decades of evidence demonstrate indisputable positive health outcomes and safety of hemp extract. Theramu works to relieve, soothe and calm pain and discomfort almost immediately in patients suffering a range of health conditions, including musculoskeletal issues, skin diseases, injury recovery, chronic pain and more.

The company's ideals support the use of safe, patient-centric, whole-person healthcare.

For starters, I think that everyone is in agreement at this point that CBD is amazing and the number of uses is almost unlimited. While I am in full agreement with this, not all CBD is created equal. Theramu's CBD is a 99.7% pure isolate. All Theramu products are 100% THC free and also 100% free of pesticides, heavy metals, fungi, etc. Theramu lab test all of the raw materials and then again after the products are made. This ensures that no impurities made their way in during the manufacturing process and also that the products contain at least the amount of CBD that is advertised. You see, it is very easy to start out with the correct amount of CBD in your formula and then cook most of it out in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, CBD by itself is limited in use primarily because it needs help either getting to where it needs to go or protection from our digestive system. This is known as bioavailability.

Theramu has a patented formula that uses FDA approved Ultra Clear Emu oil as the carrier oil. Emu oil alone is an amazing pain reliever, anti inflammatory, collagen builder and more but there are two very important and defining characteristics:

Emu oil is fully transdermal - this means that emu oil penetrates all 7 layers of our dermis. When bound to the CBD, the emu oil allows the CBD to work at the source of the inflammation and pain, not just the symptoms of inflammation and pain. No other oil in the world - natural or otherwise has emu oil's transdermal abilities. Additionally, Theramu is the only company in the world with a patent for both the formula and emu oil as a delivery system for CBD. It is an unbeatable combination!

Emu oil creates a liposomal effect for the elixirs - Emu oil is super high in essential fatty acids including omega 3, 6 and 9 (many people take it instead of fish oil). These essential fatty acids protect the CBD during the early, and very violent, stages of digestion meaning that more of the CBD is bioavailable and gets to our endocannabinoid system.

Theramu is sold in doctor's office but you can order it online here at Kenko with free shipping and a discount by using KENKO20 code at checkout.